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SEC Should Proceed With Caution on Tick-Size Pilot Program

In Friday’s “SEC Speaks 2014” speech, SEC Commissioner Mary Jo White addressed a number of important topics, as well as reviewed some ongoing issues familiar to those who closely follow U.S. Equities market structure. However, she made news by confirming two oft-discussed market structure initiatives: conducting a review of equity market structure and pushing ahead […]

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We Should be Asking More Questions Around Tick Size

On Friday, the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee voted against recommending a pilot program on larger tick sizes for small cap stocks.  Tick sizes, especially for small cap stocks, have been a hot discussion for the last few months.  For background on tick size and the current small cap stock tick size debate, read “Background on […]

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Background on Larger Tick Sizes for Mid Cap Stocks

Tick sizes, especially for small cap stocks, have been a frequent topic of discussion. A stock’s tick size is the smallest increment that the price of a stock can move on the exchanges, which is $0.01 for any stock over $1.00 per share.  This standardized one penny tick size was enacted in Regulation National Market […]

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High frequency traders polish public image

MMI Consultant Peter Nabicht responds to criticisms of HFT, including how it actually lowers costs for the small investor.

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“… the increased use of electronic trading has brought many benefits, such as more efficient execution and lower spreads."


June 3, 2015 Speech

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